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At our practice, we perform a variety of ENT treatments for San Diego patients. If you’re experiencing any issues that affect your ears, nose, or throat, contact us for an expert diagnosis.

Ears & Hearing

Many disorders are related to the ears, affecting hearing and even balance. We can help patients with issues like dizziness, cholesteatoma, hearing loss, and excess ear wax. Other conditions we can treat include Eustachian tube dysfunction, tinnitus, and perforated eardrum.

Our ENT specialists perform several treatments designed to address these conditions. They can help remove ear wax, especially if left impacted or causing pain. They can diagnose the cause of conditions like dizziness and cholesteatoma to determine the proper treatment.

Nose & Sinus

Health conditions affecting the nose and the sinuses can be persistent and frustrating. These issues can include rhinitis and sinusitis, nasal polyps, and a deviated nasal septum. As a result, patients may experience trouble breathing, nosebleeds, snoring, a runny nose, a persistent cough, and a number of other issues.

Treatment options for these nose and sinus issues can include medications, balloon sinus dilation, endoscopic nasal polyp surgery, and septoplasty surgery.

Throat & Neck

Tonsillitis is one of the most common conditions affecting the throat and neck areas. Our specialists can diagnose and treat this chronic condition, along with issues like thyroid nodules, GERD, and laryngopharyngeal reflux.

With GERD, you will likely be advised to make significant lifestyle changes. You may have to undergo surgery to remove thyroid nodules or tonsils. Come to our office for a proper consultation so that we can recommend the best approach to your throat and neck disorders.

Pediatric ENT

Children are at a higher risk of contracting ear, nose, and throat problems, in part due to their undeveloped immune systems. They are also more exposed to these conditions because of their constant exposure to other kids their age. Children may easily pick up infections and other ENT disorders.

At our office, you can seek treatment for pediatric tonsillitis, sinusitis, hearing loss, and Eustachian tube dysfunction. We can perform procedures like Eustachian tuboplasty, which involves inserting and inflating a small balloon in the Eustachian tubes, then deflating and removing it.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea and snoring can require treatments like surgery or use of BPAP or CPAP devices. Our specialists can diagnose the cause of this condition to determine the proper treatment approach and help you breathe better when you sleep.

Voice & Swallowing

Voice and swallowing problems refer to a broad range of illnesses that affect one’s ability to speak, drink, or eat. These disorders may affect people from all walks of life.

Our ENT specialists can treat patients with problems such as tonsillitis, vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord nodules and polyps, and salivary glands. We offer treatments like removing salivary glands and tonsils.

The Consultation

During a consultation, one of our many experienced medical providers will ask the patient detailed questions about their symptoms. They will also perform an examination, which may involve diagnostic tests like audiograms and speech audiometry.

Once they have developed a thorough understanding of the patient’s specific condition, they will go over their ENT treatment options. Non-surgical treatments are typically considered before surgical options. They will then create a treatment plan and go over the details with the patient.

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Are you in need of ENT treatments in San Diego? If so, contact us to book your consultation today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer effective treatment options.

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